Participation in Clinical Trials is Rewarding

Participation in Clinical Trials is Rewarding

Research and testing helps in the advancement of medicines that helps it to reach people in need and eliminate diseases and deliberating conditions.

Whether it is a new treatment or a medication, it needs to get approved by the FDA prior reaching to the patients. For the approvals, the treatments or medications go through clinical trials in which they are tested precisely in each and every stage in which volunteers play the most crucial role. Without the involvement of the volunteers or human participants the trials are not possible to be conducted. And then the data are collected to measure the effectiveness of the new medication under investigation. Researchers with the help of computer models, analyze the data collected and finds , how drugs work on human subjects. This provides a clear picture of both the benefits and side effects.

So for any research human participation is very necessary and on the other hand, the participation is also beneficial for the participants.

Human participation in clinical trials helps scientific research to improve


Researches on new medications or treatment after going through the pre-clinical and animal tests need to go through the clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy for the use of human beings.


  • Participating in trials helps in advancement of science
  • Participation in trials contributes to research and also helps to save lives.

The research if successful can benefit people in a country and the world. Even if the treatment does not work on the participants, the information gained by it can helpful in showing the pros and cons, what didn’t work and pushing research in a correct direction.

The outcome of the clinical trial is unpredictable. It may be positive or may be negative. But whatever the outcome is, participating in the clinical trial is incredibly valuable in providing researchers with the information to pave the way to move the researches forward for the betterment of the future.


To improve one’s own condition, well being and quality of life

  • Access to new potential treatment: Participants gain access to new potential treatments that are going to be available to general people in future.
  • Quality care and close monitoring: Participants receive quality care and close monitoring by the doctors and nurses.
  • Free of cost or low cost treatment and compensation: Some of the clinical trials pay for some part or all of the treatment or other medical care, and other expenses of the patients during the study. Patients are also given compensation for devoting their time and transportation. But all clinical trials don’t do this.
  • Better Result: The participants may get better results from the trials than the treatment they already went through.
  • Feeling of control: Taking part in a clinical trial makes people feel as they’ve more control over their condition. This leads to a more positive viewpoint and better quality of life.

Clear knowledge about the condition: Participation helps the participants to have the proper knowledge about their condition more clearly.

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