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Pharma Instinct is established with a mission to promote research and development in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Food sectors. We believe innovations are a must for the growth of an organization and it can happen in any organization and that of any size. Pharma Instinct facilitates the process of innovations in Pharma, food, and biotech companies.
Our business focuses on all aspects of Clinical Research, Technology Development, and Technology Transfer. We take up projects on all kinds of preclinical and clinical development aspects. It includes proof of concept studies, safety studies, and human clinical trials. We specialize in conducting clinical trials on Herbal extracts, Food Supplements, Ayurvedic products & drug molecules as per ICH_GCP guidelines. Our USP is our expertise to design clinical trials to validate health claims for the products.
We collaborate with our business partners in the development of new technologies leading to the generation of intellectual wealth. Our team of scientists and professionals provides solutions for any kind of scientific trouble. When you partner with Pharma Instinct, you benefit from decades of research & development experience, broad industry knowledge, and a powerful network of industry stakeholders.

Pharma Instinct believes in adding value at all levels. We have the courage to challenge the status quo. We bring innovative ideas to the table, which could be disruptive as well as incremental in nature. In knowledge-driven sectors like Pharma & Biotech, We help our business partners to generate intellectual wealth. We value relations and our business partners.

Our business partners choose us for :

    • Quality & Professionalism
    • Excellence & Innovation
    • Depth of Experience
    • Timely delivery & Tailored Services
    • Trust & Transparency

Human resource development is important for the growth of every organization, society, and country. With the tremendous growth of Pharma & biotechnology sectors and globalization of economies, there is a colossal need for highly trained professionals in these sectors as per International requirements & standards. A larger, continuous & focused effort is needed to create a skilled workforce with employment potential. It is only Skilled & empowered youth who can bring freedom financial independence of our country. PhiSTAR, Skill development & Vocational Training division of Pharma Instinct In Its own Humble way in contributing in skilling and empowering our youth.

Pharma Instinct: PhiSTAR

Empowering Youth with

Skills, Training & Research

Pharma and Biotech sector has evolved in since last decade, so new opportunities have come which require all together new skill sets and knowledge. The gap between industry requirements and skillsets given to students with the present curriculum has widened, thus, reducing the employability of the students.

Primary objective of the Skill development & industrial training organized by PhiSTAR for Pharma, Biotech, and life sciences professionals/students is to make them industry and research-ready as per global requirements. PhiSTAR exposes its trainees to the latest know-how, technologies, and techniques used in various sectors like Pharma, Food, and Biotech Industry.

Some of the growth-oriented emerging areas of skill development include :

    • Clinical research
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Quality assurance
    • Medical Writing

PhiSTAR understands Life Science & Pharma Industry very well. We have mapped the ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY GAP areas and developed curriculums to fill those gaps in the shortest possible time. Some of the High points of the program are :

    • Giving them complete practical experience
    • Developing their analytical skills
    • Developing project handling skills
    • Imparting latest industry knowledge
    • Interaction with Industry stalwarts
    • Improving upon their communication skills especially Scientific writing skills
    • Exposing them to various personality development tasks

The Skill Development Programs have been planned in such a way that each trainee gets maximum exposure to practical aspects, to design his own project, and analyses the data by himself so as to become independent and ready for the industry as well as academic research.

We are very passionate about our skill development & training programs and we generate similar passion in our students to succeed in their respective fields.

We are one of the few Clinical Research Organization in India accredited by the Life Science sector Skill Development Council, NSDC, New Delhi India.


Charles Darwin Gave The Term “Survival For The Fittest” & It Holds True For All The Professionals Working In Industry As Well As Academia.

“Only Those Who Are Ready & Fit for Professional Competition Will Survive & Grow On To Become Leaders”

  • PhiSTAR Mission

    To Generate World Class, Skilled & Professional Manpower for Pharmaceutical Industry thus contribute in Nation Building

  • PhiSTAR Vision

    To Become India’s Leading & Most Respected Skill Development & Vocational Training Institute

  • PhiSTAR Focus

    Skill Development & Vocational Trainings in Life Science & Pharmaceutical Sector

  • PhiSTAR Values

    * Passion * Excellence * Innovation * Trust & Transparency * Honesty * Personalised Mentoring


Management Speaks

  • Dr Rajesh Sehgal
    Dr Rajesh Sehgal
  • Mukta Verma Sehgal
    Mukta Verma Sehgal


Collaborative research is the key to success for any scientific endeavour. Pharma Instinct has strong network of industry and academia collaborations. Being a contract research organization (CRO), many leading research & development companies outsource and collaborate with us for their Research &

Development activities. Our efforts are to add value to research products & systems. We also have collaborations with number of Universities & Academic Institutes. We organize workshops, Training Sessions, and guide them on technology Mapping, Technology Development & Technology Transfer.

Students from Across India from prestigious Institutes and Universities have attended skill development & training Programs organized by Pharma Instinct.

    Dr Rajesh Sehgal

    It is with immense pleasure & pride; I welcome you to PhiStar, Skill Development & Training division of Pharma Instinct. At PhiStar we are passionate about Skill Development, Trainings & Research. We are proud to be one of the very few Clinical Research Organizations accredited by Life Science Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC), NSDC, New Delhi.

    Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship has initiated many programs to address the existing Skill gaps. As mention on LSSSDC website, The Indian Life Sciences Sector (comprising Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology and Clinical) has been growing at a CAGR of 17%. In the process it has been facing a shortage of skilled work force across functions and levels. With this background, CII, in co-operation with NSDC, decided to set up a Sector Skill Council for Life Sciences namely, the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC).

    With over more than four decades of our cumulative experience of various Industries belonging to Life Science Sector, we also realized and mapped gaps between academia curriculum & Industry requirement. Yes, there is a huge shortage of availability of skilled manpower, means a lots of opportunities to get employed but sad part is that large number of Life Science graduate/post graduates are unemployed, directionless and does not meet Industry requirement.

    Being a established, Contract Research organization with expertise in clinical research & regulatory matters, we have decided to develop world class certified Clinical research & Regulatory professionals. To achieve our objective, we have two programs to produce certified professionals

    Our programs are planned in detail but will focus on delivering practical knowledge, industry applicability and empowering trainees.

    If you are a Life Science graduate/post graduate, and are passionate about pursuing career in Clinical Research, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry, I invite you to enrol yourself in our certification program. We will empower you, make you industry ready and will mentor you to have larger vision for your career.

    I wish you Good Luck & thank you for Choosing PhiSTAR


    Mukta Verma Sehgal

    I welcome you to Pharma Instinct and PhiStar. I am proud to tell you that Pharma Instinct is a system driven organization so is PhiSTAR. Pharma Instinct is known for excellent and timely execution of research projects with world class, high quality, accurate and beautiful presentation of the Data. Similar is our passion for PhiSTAR.

    At PhiSTAR, Life Science graduate and post graduates are up skilled as per systematically planned curriculum. The curriculum is developed by LSSSDC in collaboration with Industry experts. So our efforts are to fill the gap between academia and industry.

    Trainees undergo rigorous training and in addition to theoretical knowledge, it includes practical and industry applicability aspects, workshops, debates, group discussions, lectures & mentoring by industry experts, journal club.

    Trainees are also exposed to soft skills development workshops and exercises. At PhiSTAR our efforts are your complete development so as to ensure that once you are in the market, you work independently and effectively.
    We have vision to built a strong alumni to guide and mentor fresh life science graduates.

    Our reading sections has collection books covering scientific and technical aspects as well as soft skills development and entrepreneurship Development

    PhiSTAR believes that if you have right skills then there are colossal amount of opportunities to grow exponentially.

    If you are passionate, sincere, hardworking and willing to Fly, we will give you WINGS to reach to pinnacle of your career

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