Scope of Biotech in Clinical Research

Scope of Biotech in Clinical Research

Scope of Biotech in Clinical Research

Biotech is a branch of Life Sciences that deals with new research opportunities and research products.  Some of the products lead to clinical development. Clinical drug development requires various steps from Phase I to Phase IV to come to the market. These different phases of clinical trials are very expensive to Sponsor and there is tremendous pressure to be quick, less expensive and of course less costly also.  Sponsor employs various strategies for the purpose, these include involvement of following organizations

  • Contract research organization
  • Site Management organization
  • Medical Writing Organization
  • Data Analysis Organization

Biotech journey of drug development itself is a critical phase and the complication of clinical trial management and supply chain can be daunting task. This means that more and more employment job opportunities should be there, as number of vacancies should be more.

Contract research organization can have opportunities of Scientists, Clinical Research coordinator, Clinical Research Associate and many more. A good CRO will employ any biotech person with skills of clinical research.

Site Management Organization is an organization that controls site i.e hospital for patients recruitment.  That means they will require skilled clinical research coordinators and their number is large enough. So SMO can employ CRC who are skilled, and knowledgeable. CRC should have good communication skills to convince the patients to participate the study. Once patients is enrolled in the study, then he/she should be followed till the end of the study to get accurate results.

Medical Writing organization is an organization that writes various clinical trial documents such as protocol, reports, CRC, ICF, IB etc. So to prepare these documents, the person should a very good English and technical skills. There interpretation of data should be accurate and correct.

Data Analysis Organization deals with analysis of the data. These include collecting the data, Cleaning of data, and Analysis of data.

So Biotech passouts can choose skill of  Clinical Research and very well settle in life.

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