Scope of Clinical Research


Clinical research is currently the booming industry worldwide and is growing at an astonishing rate and paving way for new employment opportunities for trained and skilled professionals. Thus it is the best time to become a part of this fast-evolving Medical Research-Related Industry and an additional course in clinical research along with your educational qualification can help you to reach the top.

Clinical research is such a vast field that provides a large number of as well as a variety of job opportunities and that in a wide range of industries. There are lakhs of Clinical research job vacancies across the globe. To fill these Clinical research job vacancies there is increased demand for CLINICAL RESEARCH SKILLED MANPOWER. With the increase in governments’ focus on Bio-medical & Pharmaceutical Research, India is considered the hub of Clinical Research & Clinical Trials.

The following are the various jobs in the Clinical Research industry:

  • CRC or Clinical Research Coordinator
  • CRA or Clinical Research Associate
  • Pharmacovigilance Associate
  • Clinical Trial Monitor
  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • The CQA or Clinical Quality Assurance Auditor
  • Research Nurse
  • Site Managers
  • Data Managers
  • Clinical Safety Analyst
  • The biostatistician
  • The medical writer, etc.

Some of the well known and in-demand Clinical Research jobs:

CRA: Health care professional who plans, executes, and supervises clinical trials along with conducting and monitoring clinical trials and ensures the quality of clinical practices.

CRC: Works with Principle Investigator and they support, facilitate and coordinate clinical trials on regular basis. They are responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of clinical trials. Also, they have the responsibility to meet the terms and conditions related to safety, government policies, and ethics of medical organizations.

Biostatisticians: They perform statistical analysis in an unbiased manner.

Pharmacovigilance associates: They play important role in gaining all the information about the risks and benefits of pharmaceutical products and ensuring safe drug utilization for patients of all age groups.

Clinical data managers: Clinical data management assures well-maintained data support during the research. They ensure superior quality, dependable and accurate data.

Clinical Research Manager: They supervise the writing and designing of protocols, CRFs, and ICFs based on clinical trials.

Eligibility required: To work in the field of clinical research one must have a degree in science or medicine. One having a nursing or equivalent medical degree can also grow in this field. Also one should have essential skills like critical thinking, the ability to solve complex problems, decision-making ability along excellent numerical, written, and verbal communication skills. One having fluency in foreign languages may get the opportunity to work on an international level.

Who employs Clinical Researchers?

Clinical research professionals get the opportunity to work in:

  • Research Hospitals
  • Pharma Companies
  • Food Companies
  • Contract Research Organization
  • Clinical Research Organization
  • Site Management Organizations
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers
  • Regulatory Companies
  • Pharmacovigilance Companies
  • Medical Writing & Content development companies
  • Data management Companies

Scope of Clinical research in India

India is evolving and in the field of Clinical Research, India is making remarkable growth and development. For many years the country has been involved in clinical research which is now becoming one of the major focuses. The industry is in high demand for qualified and skilled professionals. Even the pharmaceutical industry of India, which is the fastest growing Indian economy sector, has a massive need for clinical research professionals.

Clinical research provides outstanding career prospects, knowledge-intensive jobs, consistent growth, quick money, national and international cross-cultural exposure, and a flourishing market. And due to cost benefits and the availability of a substantial workforce, a large number of MNCs are setting up research facilities in India.


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