How I Become a Clinical Researcher?

How i become a clinical researcher?

How I Become a Clinical Researcher?

Clinical trials are one of the most important ­ areas research, which involve various phases of the trials such as phase I to Phase IV.  As the phase of clinical trial is increased the adverse events/serious adverse events tend to decrease, which means Phase I is most risky of the all and phase IV is the least risky. Higher the risk, more carefully it has to be done.  It means that If you are a CRC (clinical research coordinator) doing phase 1 to Phase III trials, then you need to be passionate about clinical research. You should have detailed knowledge of Clinical Trials, all latest guidelines & regulations, and Clinical Trial operations.

The guidelines that are crucial for clinical research may include

  • ICH-GCP guidelines,
  • New Clinical Trial Rules 2019,
  • US-FDA rules,
  • Institutional Ethics Committee etc.

The Clinical Trial operations is about actually performing clinical trials, which means as a CRC you will do the screening and enrollment of subjects, the Informed consent process, and fill all the CRFs with the correct data so that sponsor gets the right kind of data. All the responsibility lies on the CRC’s shoulders.

What Should You Do?

So as MSc/BDS/Biotech passes out, you need to acquire certain skills in Clinical Research and Learn thoroughly about it before jumping into the bandwagon. Our Certificate Course in Clinical Research should be sufficient enough to give you the right kind of training.  The course covers all the aspects of drug development.  You will be given detailed knowledge of Clinical Research and Clinical Research Operations.  In addition, the course will also send students on Internships in reputed organizations for practical training which means you will have practical exposure. So it is very important to have clinical research skills to be successful. To know more about our course click here or call us at +91 9855423608, 9855603224

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