How biotech students can prosper in clinical research?

How biotech students can prosper in clinical research?

Biotechnology is a broad discipline that involves biological components and processes for the creation and modification of new drugs and technologies for specific uses in research, agriculture, industry or clinics while clinical research basically tests the safety and efficacy of discovered drugs and technologies through punctilious clinical trials and scientific research practices on a human being before releasing it in the market. This makes biotech and clinical research a very good combination in sorting out many of health-related problems and developing a healthier life for human beings.

Demand for Clinical Research is rising and is also paving way for new career paths

Nowadays as COVID-19 cases are emerging, the need for new innovative drugs and technologies to eradicate the pandemic is also increasing. With increasing innovations, the demand for clinical research is also rising.

Clinical Research is becoming popular with good exposure in hospitals, Clinical Research Organizations and research labs which is paving way for new career paths for biotech students.

Biotech students with their knowledge of biological science, medical terms, and research terminologies along with grasping enough knowledge with an additional Clinical Research training or certificate courses can prosper well with a very good pay scale in clinical research.

Biotech students in clinical research can work as

Clinical Research Coordinator or CRC who screen, enroll patients for a clinical trial, and manage all research-related activities at the Clinical Trial Site.

Clinical Research Associates or CRA who are responsible for the monitoring of clinical trials in which the research project is executed by PI & CRC as per clinical trial protocol and ICH guidelines, providing administrative assistance in site selection, executing the study, coordinating ongoing international and national clinical trial sites and so on.

Regulatory affairs associate who oversees the process of getting a drug or product approval from the FDA.

-Clinical data manager who is responsible for collecting data from various medical research projects and making sure if the data is collected, managed and reported accurately, clearly and securely.

-Clinical Quality Assurance Auditors who examine elements of clinical research and development trial activities.

-Drug safety associate who is responsible for preparing the safety profile of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Clinical Research is an interesting, challenging and fulfilling career

Clinical research is not only a fulfilling career but also an interesting and challenging one. It will continuously excite you for success and new scientific innovations and will also give you a strong grounding in business allowing you to push way boundaries to develop or test new products. Apart from setting up, supervising and closing clinical trials it also has variety of roles to be played at like report writing, attending meetings and getting the opportunity to know hundreds of people as a part of the trial.

The all above-mentioned reasons make clinical research a great career for bright and talented biotech graduates.

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